Private Yoga Teacher in Florence

Enrich your stay in Florence by adding a private yoga class into your holidays. Nourish yourself with a yoga practice of your choice in one of Italy’s most beautiful locations. Unwind and let it all go to make room for tranquillity and the joy of living the present moment.   

private yoga teacher florence

How does it work

Private Yoga Teacher
in Florence


Choose the lesson type and length

Choose from Hatha, Vinyasa and Pregnancy Yoga and pick your preferred length 1h, 1,5h and 2h.


Fill out the booking form

When filling out the form, it's important that you give me as much information as possible about the partcipants, their age, fitness level, yoga experience and any medical conditions I should know of.


Secure your date

To confirm your booking, deposit payment is required. The amount and banking details are provided at booking stage.


Yoga time!

I come to your beautiful location with yoga mats, music, and an open heart and I guide you through yoga asanas, breathing and brief meditation to bring you into the state of calm and balance.

About yoga

I guide private Hatha and Vinyasa as well as Pregnancy yoga classes, personalized to the needs of experienced yogis as well as beginners. They are designed to help you connect with your inner self through soft movements that give you a harmonious body + mind + soul flow.

Whether you practice yoga regularly or you’re a beginner curious to try something new, a guided yoga classes in Tuscany may help take your experience to the next level.

There is no better time and place to connect with your inner self and take care of your physical and spiritual wellness. Imagine yourself rolling out a yoga mat in the garden of a Tuscan villa, closing your eyes, breathing and letting go of everything that weighs you down to make room for peace and beauty.

More about me

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Class Options

of private yoga in Florence



Hatha, Vinyasa or Pregnancy Yoga

Which style best matches your needs? Choose from slower, more grounding Hatha practice or dynamic, energising Vinaysa. If you’re an expecing mum, your practice will be planned accordingly, as it needs a whole different approach. 



1h Yoga + 30 min Meditation / Relaxation

Add some meditation or relaxation to the end of your practice or a mix of both. During meditation I guide you through a simple meditating technique, suitable even for beginners. Relaxation, on the other hand, includes breathing and visualisation exercises to further deepen your state of focus and calm.

Let's make it happen

For costs and availability please fill out the form. I will reply to you within 24 hours.