SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle)

Yoga isn’t just asanas at dim light of a yoga studio. Yoga is very versatile and adaptable. You can do it wherever you like, so why not do it in the middle of a lake?

While practising yoga on a SUP board you get closer to your inner self in a fun way, liberate your mind while concentrating hard on your balance and breathe with the rythm of water and wind.

No experience is required, all you need is willingess to spend some quiet, but active time on gently rocking water.

I’m a certified and experienced yoga teacher and will make sure that the lesson is right for your needs and pace. The classes are organised in cooperation with a SUP instructor and life guard,  who will guide you on how to use the board and will assist us in case of any water-related  issues.

The SUP Yoga class consists of:

  • paddle around the lake to warm up
  • 1h Hatha yoga class on SUP
  • a light aperitivo after the class
  • swim in the lake or paddle around to finish
  • total duration is from 1,5 to 2 hours
  • assistance of a certified life guard is included


Lago di Campaldoni, Bucine (AR), Tuscany

(transport to and from the location is not included)


Anyone who loves trying new experiences, from total beginners to yogis practising regularly.  

However, if you prefer standard yoga with your feed on a stable ground, you can also check my private classes :)) 

Memories from past SUP Yoga events

in Tuscany

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