welcome to my blog

Welcome to my yoga blog

A warm welcome to my first blog post! Let me introduce you to what’s going to happen here. Well, it’s pretty simple. This blog will rotate around YOGA and TUSCANY. I’m a yoga instructor in stunning Tuscany (Italy) and this is my space to share lots of good, inspiring, motivating or just beautiful concepts, ideas and thoughts. 

What will you be seeing here? 

Yoga tips, snapshots from Tuscany, life inspirations, nutritional bits and pieces and lots of inspiration and beautiful photography. Sounds cool, right?! I’d love to have an unlimited amount of free time now so that I can write, take photos and share with you everything that I have on my blog list. But let’s take it step by step. Yoga teaches us to be patient and mindful, so let’s be it.  

Who is writing for you?

Now a few words about me. It’s embarrassing, but introductions are necessary, right? So, I’m a 34 year old yogini, creative and nomad. Let me break that down. 


YOGINI – I guide yoga practices in Tuscany. I do it privately for individuals and groups who come here on holidays and wish to take their experience to the next level, using this opportunity to connect with their inner self and recharge physically and spiritually. 

CREATIVE – I’m a photographer working shoulder in shoulder with my partner @alexmorbidelliph. I love both yoga and photography and I don’t want to give up on neither of the two, so my life is a beautiful fusion of creativity and spirituality. 

NOMAD – I’ve been looking for my place on Earth for the last 14 years, moving from place to place every few years. I left my home in Poland when I was 18. Went to study in London, then came to do an MA degree in Florence (Italy) where I met my partner. Together we left for Australia, then a gap year in Southeast Asia, then back to Europe – Berlin, Warsaw and finally Tuscany – my partners’ home and for me the closest place to what I can call home.


Plus, I’m a born optimist, a little crazy, very emotive, mum of a toddler, happiest when trekking in the mountains, loving to laugh and on a mission to find light even in the darkest places. 

I consider myself a very lucky person. My luck isn’t casual of course, it’s a result of my life choices and beliefs, but I must say that good fate has been on my side so far and I’m incredibly grateful for that. I live in Tuscany, one of the most breathtaking and peaceful places I have ever been to (and I’ve been to quite a few) and I guide yoga practice for people who visit this stunning region. I use the word guide, not teach, intentionally. I avoid the word teach, because I’m not sure if yoga can be taught. I can show you how to execute asanas, correct your posture, tell you how to breathe, but I feel that my role is guiding rather than teaching. I never really liked the role of a teacher, I prefer to be a friend who shares good advice. 

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. I love writing. Always loved it. The BA degree I did in London was in journalism and while it taught me to write well, it also made me change my mind about my career path. After completing the studies my feelings summed up to: writing yes, media no. Yet, the core remained unchanged – the pleasure of writing and the will of sharing with others through words. 

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and I invite you to be an active part of it. And I’m not just saying it. Drop me a line via email, follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Comment on my posts. Show yourself. Let me know that I’m doing this for someone with a heart and soul, that my words aren’t just thrown into a digital matrix. Let’s become friends.

Love and light


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