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What is PRANA

and where to find it

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.

[Albert Einstein]

Energy sustains each form of life and it sustains us humans. We are energy wrapped in skin. We couldn’t exist without it and yet our body oriented western culture gives it very little importance. So here comes the yogic philosophy with its answers to some big questions about the subtle, yet powerful prana.

What is PRANA

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Prana in Sanscrit means “vital life force” and it lives mostly in our breath. The flow of energy in the body is closely linked to the flow of breath and the work of the mind. That is why Pranayama (control of energy) is one of the 8 pillars of traditional yoga. When the flow of prana is calm and balanced, the mind automatically calms down and that with time and practice leads to the expansion of consciousness. 
From the scientific point of view, every living cell contains ions, which are atoms that have a net electrical charge. There are two types of ions in the atmosphere. Small negative ions and big positive ions. Which ones are the “good” ones? The negative ions are the one we want most! They produce many positive effects in the body. They coordinate the nervous system, revitalise cells, purify blood and increase our resistance. 

Where to find negative ions filled with prana?

In Mother Nature, of couse. Countryside, where the air is clean, is charged with negative ions, while smog filled cities are filled with positive ions. Top choice for pranic recharge in nature is where we can spend time in water that flows (river, sea), in the mountains, especially on top or ridge and in any place where we are exposed to sun rays. So submerging yourself in nature, breathing in fresh air, getting some sunshine and bathing in clean water is a perfect recipe for energetic recharge. 
Other sources of prana come from what we put into our body. Eating a fresh vegetarian diet and drinking clean water are important not only for our health, but also for an energetic boost. While air, water and sun energise from the outside, food and water work from within. 

A perfect recipe for energetic recharge: submerging yourself in nature, breathing in fresh air, getting some sunshine and bathing in clean water.

Excess prana

Charging energy is important, but so is disposing of excess prana. The best ways of releasing it is by letting your bare skin breathe and by walking barefoot, especially in streams and meadows. 

Where does it go?

Once we charge ourselves with prana, where does it go in the body? It is transported by energy currents called Nadi (just like veins transport blood, nadi transport prana) and is controlled by energetic centers, the famous Chakras. To assimilate it’s positive effects, we need to learn to control it through mind, breath and bhandas. Pranayama is the tool that allows us to work on prana, but because it can profoundly change the flow of energy, it’s best to practice it with an experienced yogi. 

Charge it!

I’ll write more about prana and Pranayama in an upcoming  post and for now, let’s just go and find that energy! Summer time is the best moment to charge ourselves with prana. Next time you’re on holidays consciously feel it and the effects it has on you. Breathe in and fill your body with energy, breathe out and release anything that doesn’t serve you. Enjoy! 


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